Covid-19 Rehearsal Safety

Update: As community restrictions have lifted so have those of S.O. For the time being we encourage caution regarding interaction at rehearsals and concerts. We no longer check vaccination status nor mandate the use of masks in rehearsals. If the situation should change we will resume the more rigorous outline below.

Summerhill Orchestra Rehearsal Safety Plan

  1. The SO will rehearse at the Church of the Messiah. All indoor public health policies will be followed at all times.
  2. The SO will ask that members show proof of being fully vaccinated with an approved Covid-19 vaccine. Members will be asked to sign a copy of our Covid protocols prior to the season confirming they have been vaccinated.
  3. The SO will ask all members to complete and submit a self-assessment the day of each rehearsal. We will not do temperature checks on arrival as this will be covered in the self assessment. The self-assessment will be a form that is signed upon arrival at each concert, and kept as an attendance record by the Personnel Manager for contact tracing purposes.
  4. All members will sanitize their hands upon entry to the rehearsal space.
  5. The SO will provide sanitizer and cleaning wipes at various points throughout the rehearsal/concert venues.
  6. The SO will maintain 6 feet of distance between members during rehearsals, and 9 feet for brass instruments unless otherwise deemed safe by public health.
  7. SO members will not share music stands in order to accommodate distancing.
  8. SO members will not be permitted to eat or share food in the space or to use the kitchen facilities of the church.
  9. All SO members are asked to only bring necessary items into the rehearsal venue and keep their belongings in the space around their seat (ie: backpacks/cases/purses).
  10. Wind and Brass players are asked to bring a water towel.
  11. In compliance with current public health guidelines, all members who are able, will wear a mask that covers the mouth, nose and chin. Members who must remove their mask to play are asked to put their mask on when not playing.
  12. The SO will follow all current public health guidelines for using plexiglass and/or vapour barriers if/when they are in use.
  13. The SO may perform works that do not require the full orchestra in order to allow for smaller groupings, more distance and create natural breaks in the rehearsal.
  14. Members will only attend rehearsal during the assigned time for their repertoire.
  15. Guidelines are subject to change based on public health guidelines and/or additional guidance from the Board of Directors.